This section is were I have collected a whole bunch of “rumours” and alleged “events” that have been said to have taken place during the touring years of Nirvana. Most of these rumours are about Kurt, but some of them are about other members of the band. I have collected all these rumours from such books as Kurt Cobain (a totally bullshit book by Chris Sandford that is full of FALSE information), Come As You Are, some articles I have etc. I am not saying that any of these actually happened, I am sure some of them did but alot of it is bullshit claims by people trying to get media attention. I just thought that it is interesting what people claim went on with the band, and especially Kurt back then. So read on and enjoy. This section is always under construction, so please keep coming back:)


-This is not really during the touring years, and it’s not really about Nirvana. It’s about a band Kurt started in late 1985, named The Sellouts. The Sellouts were a Creedance Clearwater Revival cover band featuring Kurt on drums/vocals, Chris Novaselic on guitar, and Steve Newman on Bass. They say that the group disbanded after Kurt got mad at Steve Newman, and physically attacked him by hitting him wildly over the head with a plank.

-This rumour is about Kurt and the Shillinger’s. Lamont Shillinger was an English teacher at Aberdeen High. Lamont and his wife ran what was similar to a safe-house for displaced youth. They already had six childeren themselves and thought that one more person(Kurt) to look after wouldn’t be much of a problem. But Kurt’s friendship with the Shillinger’s ended violently when Kurt punched and kicked one of his hosts’ sons unconcious in a misunderstanding about pizza. Kurt would later return to the Shillingers’ loving household, but was said to have pelted another one of their children with a fusillade of full beer cans and pointedly referring to them around Aberdeen as “Jerks”.


-A women named “Marcy Drew” (not her real name) knew Kurt in Seattle in 1988. According to her, his public attitude to women was a pose and songs like ‘Rape Me’ sprang out of personal guilt. “Drew” recalls an incident in which organized by Cobain and another musician now working successfully in Seattle, a group met in the adults-only Apple Theatre. After a film she remembers only as ‘some kind of gynaecologist’s office fantasy’, the four were driven by taxi to a club in Pioneer Square. Once Cobain began drinking he expounded loudly every weakness of ‘bitches’ like Marander, and seethed when asked by the female bartender for proof of his age. Things deteriorated when a man holding a pool cue taunted Kurt as a ‘faggot’ and made an invitation for the women to join him. All this, says “Drew”, contributed to a hot-headed and volatile atmosphere. When the party stepped outside into the dark alley behind the square, there was a moment when she and Kurt were alone. ‘I want you and Im going to have you,’ is her recollection of the exact words which he hissed to her. Then Kurt rammed his hand hard between her legs. It was terrifying.....she claims. He was panting like a dog, and there was a froth of spit around his lips. She yelled at him to stop and he laughed at her. With one hand he backed her up against the wall and the other he pushed into her. - Now I personally think that this claim by “Marcy Drew” is a load of shit, don’t you????

-On 12/21/88 Nirvana played a show at Hoquiam Eagles Lodge. After the performance Kurt and Chris made an unscheduled appearance at the Pourhouse, playing old Beatles hits and inviting ‘stoner chicks’ onto the stage to dance. When their set was over, they passed a hat around the place and collected a total of $11. Thrilled at his success, Kurt grabbed one of the girls, emptied a pitcher of beer on her, then started to pull off her dress. “He already had the straps over her shoulders,” says Linda Fetz, present behind the bar, “when a 200-pound jock-type took offence. The last I saw of Kurt was him running to the car screaming “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!” and giggling like a women.”


-Kurt accompanied a man named Mark Lane to the Jackpot Food Mart, where ‘Kurt’s favourite gig was to ask the clerk to fetch him something off the shelf then, when his back was turned, steal a load of stuff. He thought that was really funny.’ The other thing that Kurt found amusing was frequenting gay bars in Seattle, where according to Lane ‘he used to stand posing by the jukebox, rubbing himeself and batting his eyes at the trade’. Kurt ended up in an alley behind the Sales Building one night with a friend whom Lane saw engage in the ‘gay ritual of peeing over his partner’, who ‘lay on his back without moving, quietly laughing’.

-On November 9th Nirvana were on hand to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall. At 2:00 AM, in a small courtyard on the south side of the Reichstag, a kleig light picked out Kurt and another person lying semi-naked - the police described it as ‘a gross combination’ - celebrating with the aid of a bottle and a stolen Federal Republic Flag. A minute later both men were racing up the East-West axis with their eyes smarting from tear gas.

Ok alot more rumours and shit SOON to come. IT takes alot of time to write this stuff out so I will add ALOT more in later, including 1990-1994 and more 89 stuff. Since I copied most of the stuff above right out of Christopher Sandford’s piece of shit bucket of lies book ‘Kurt Cobain’, I have to give reference to it so here it is: Sandford, Christopher. Kurt Cobain. London, 1995. Victor Collancz. etc. etc. etc. you get the point......... Pick that book up if you want to read stuff like all those bullshit rumours.