Kurt and Women


Kurt and his past relationship’s before Courtney are not commonly discussed. So I thought I would make a section of my page that is dedicated to Kurt and his past girlfriend’s.

“Jackie” - Jackie was a very pretty stoner girl who went out with Kurt for a few months in 1984. - She was supposedly just using Kurt until her boyfriend got out of jail. - Jackie was almost the first girl that Kurt would have lost his virginity too. He had her up in his room, and they were both naked when Kurt’s mom, Wendy, walked in on them and told Kurt to “Get that slut out of here”.

Tracy Marander - Tracy met Kurt in front of A punk club called Gorilla Gardens, in the china town section of Seattle. Buzz Osbourne introduced them to each other. - Tracy and her boyfriend were sitting in their car drinking talking to Kurt and Buzz, and took off when they saw some cops. Which left Kurt and Buzz who were also drinking ti get busted. - Tracy became friends with Chris and Shelli and met Kurt again a year later at Buzz’s house. - Then Tracy and Kurt eventually started going out. - Tracy had a zebra-stripe coat and hair that was dyed fire engine red. She lived in Olympia and loved to party. - After a few weeks of going out, she became Kurt’s first realy serious girlfriend. - Kurt would speak fondly of her to his friends in Olympia and he spent alot of time at her apartment. - In September 1987 Kurt moved into Tracy’s 114 North Pear Street apartment in Olympia. It was a house that was on a small hill and had cement steps with a metal railing leading up to in between the two doors of the place. - Tracy paid the $137 a month for the apartment, even though Kurt also lived there. - Their relationship started to go a little downhill when Tracy realized that Kurt was barley contributing anything to the relationship. And that he was basically living of her.

More to come............SOON.