Kurt Cobain as everyone know's died at the age of 27, on April,5 1994. Some people with argue over the exact date that he died, but Im going to say the 5th. Recently people having been arguing over whether or not Kurt was murdered or if he took his own life. There are lot's of good arguements for each side. I personally believe that his death was a suicide, and will beleive so until someone actually shows me a videotape of him being murdered. It makes me SO mad to see people calling Courtney a murderer and that she hired a hit man to kill kurt, imagine how much it hurt's her when people turn against her when she is experiencing so much hurt. Her husband just committed suicide and people think that she murdered him. It makes me sick. I think those people are idiot's. They are eating up all the shit that the media expect's them too, but I won't.

Now even thought I believe he committed suicide, there are some good points that have been brought up hat leans toward the chance that he could of been murdered. And even though I don't think that it is really proof, I thought I would write them down to summarize the case up for people who aren't farmiliar with them. This is right out of the book "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" by Halperin & Wallace:

To sum up the most compelling evidence that Kurt's death wasn't suicide:

1. There were no legible fingerprints on the shotgun, the box of cartridges, or the pen used to write the so- alled suicide note.

2. Three times the lethal dose of heroin was discovered in kurt's body at the time of his death. According to pathology experts, Kurt would have not been able to shoot himself after injecting that level of heroin into his body. He would of been unconcious within seconds.

3. The so-called suicide note does not mention suicide at all but reads like a retirement letter from the music industry. Only after Kurt signed his name were an additional four lines added that do sound like they may indicate suicide, but according to at least two internationally renowned handwriting experts, these four lines were written by someone else-not Kurt.

4. Three weeks before the death, police were called to Kurt's house, where he told them he was hiding from Courtney. Three days before the death he told someone that he "feared for his life".

5. Kurt's credit card was used at least two times after the medical examiner says he was already dead but before the body was found. The card was missing from his personal effects when he was found. The police never determined who was using the card and why.

6. The death was compared a open-and-shut case of suicide by Seattle medical examiner Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne, whose ruling was accepted by the Seattle police before any investigation was conducted. But in fact Hartshorne had a clearly demonstrated potential conflict of interest as a good friend of Cobains wife. In normal circumstances, the spouse is often the fisrt potential suspect in suspicious death but, because of the potential conflict of interest, the investigation may(or may not) have been compromised.

7. A man has claimed that he was offered $50,000 to kill Kurt three months before his death, and passsed a polygraph test on this assertion "beyond possibility of deception".

So as you can see there is some good points above. But I still think that he committed suicide, even Dale Crover has said that "everyone saw it coming" and that it was "no suprise" to him. So it is very wrong to suspect Courtney of anything, or even thinking that Kurt was murdered until REAL evidence shows us different. At least that is my opinion.

Also, donít be a stupid idiot and waste my time by emailing me and yelling at me trying to make me change my mind on whether Kurt was murdered or not